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Portland oregon home inspection

What Is a Home Inspection?

So you’re looking to get a home inspection done, or perhaps you have one scheduled. It seems rather straightforward, right? A home inspection is an evaluation of the home you own or are looking to purchase so that you know all the problems moving forward. Right? Well, there’s a little more to it than that. 

Preparing a Home for the Inspection

Wishing that the home inspection process be a good experience for all involved, NHI kindly requests that the information here be read by all associated parties, including the seller/owner/occupant of properties and their representatives if applicable. Where the material is not applicable, please ignore. Where applicable, we kindly request implementation before the scheduled start time. When we step onto the property, we assume that this document, and all other documents provided by NHI, have been read and understood, and, where necessary, implemented.

Our Typical Inspection: What to Expect From NHI

While there is overlap in home inspections, like any trade there are a lot of differences too—individual firms and individual inspectors might do things a little bit differently and bring their own skills and personalities to the property. We would like to explain what our process is so as to ensure that all involved know what to expect moving forward.

NHI Technical Bulletin: How Often Should You Service HVAC Systems?

How often should furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, boiler systems, ductless heat pumps, and the like be serviced? Most inspectors and HVAC contractors/specialists will advise that your furnaces, air conditioners and the like be serviced annually. American Home Shield, Angie’s List and others concur, especially in areas with 3+ distinct seasons, which is what we see here in the Pacific Northwest.