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Jacob Campbell
Portland, OR

Nickelsen's home inspections were extremely thorough and looked at our home with a very critical eye. The report they issued me was dozens of pages and covered every aspect of the house. Additionally, when they first came out the garage was locked, so they returned on a separate occasion to finish the inspection and sent me a second report just on the garage. Excellent service even after they'd gotten their money! The only complaint I could make is that it took them several days to make it out, but they still completed all inspections within our inspection period. I highly recommend their service.

LaCenter, WA

I was pleased to receive a very thorough and comprehensive Home Inspection Report from Nickelsen Home Inspections. The information is valuable for listing repairs needed, and more valuable in negotiations of the sale. Would use their services again in the future.

Vancouver, WA

I have worked with Rick Marsh of Nickelsen Home Inspections since 2005 and he has not missed a single thing for any of my client's inspections. He typically find things that other inspectors do not find. When you are a buyer or representing buyers, like I am, this is what you want!

Jesika W.
Vancouver, WA

I was actually referred to another home inspector, but their reviews were terrible. I ended up using Justin @ Nickelsen and I couldn't have been happier with the whole process. He works crazy hours and was available whenever I needed to get ahold of him. Justin was professional and thorough and very nice. He made the whole process so much easier for me. Thanks :)

Mark D.
Vancouver, WA

These guys did a great job . i would recomend. thme to anybody that needs a home inspection, they came the same day they were called, good price quialty inspection these didnt miss a thing , thank you again for a great job.

George V.

We used Nickelsen Home Inspections twice in a one month period; they were thorough, professional, and detailed oriented. On the first house, they uncovered serious defects and problems, and we terminated the escrow; on the second house, they helped us identify several problem areas prior to closing, and we were able to negotiate with the seller for repairs. Rick Marsh is an experienced and practiced inspector, who communicates well and prepares timely in-depth reports. We highly recommend the company.

Woodland, WA

Justin is passionate about what he does and will make sure you are educated about ALL the items that will need to be addressed before buying your house. Justin s inspection actually saved us thousands of dollars and countless home ownership misery. We ended up not buying the house due to a failing in slab radiant heating system (circa 1950). If you want a home inspection company that will WORK for you and give you more than a surface level report then Nickelsen Home Inspections is the home inspection company for you.

Tacoma, WA

We are so thankful to have chosen Justin Nickelsen for our home inspection. His clear, detailed report left us so thoroughly informed on the state of the house and saved us from making a very unwise decision. It is obvious that he is truly dedicated to each client, to helping people understand the home in question, so that they are left feeling confident in how they choose to proceed. We highly recommend Nickelsen Home Inspections! Liked: Service

Cory B.
Vancouver, WA

I had a chance to review your report in full and found it very informative and helpful. Twice now I have used Kurt with Nickelsen Home Inspections and received exceptional, prompt service. I will certainly use you again in the future should the need arise.

Matthew W.
Portland, OR

Justin has done three inspections for me at this point and he is my go to guy for this type of work. He is on time, professional, attentive, and thorough. His reports are heavy on pictures and include information on where to go for more information. He makes himself available for follow up questions and makes sure I really understand what he is talking about, breaking down construction and building terms and concepts into information I can digest and really absorb. When he doesn't know answers he tells you and will get back to you when he figures it out. The most pleasant part of working with him is his ability to tell me in plain English how big of a problem something really is. For instance, just today he told me that I absolutely, with no hesitation, must replace damaged parts of my sill plate very soon. On my last inspection he was able to offer rough ideas of the expected life left on various parts of the house. This information was extremely useful in making an informed investment. I will use his company, and only his company, for all future real estate purchases. I suggest you do the same.

Washougal, WA

Where to start? My husband and I moved here from out-of-state, saw our home once, fell in love with it, and promptly made an offer. This was a long-distance purchase and we wanted to feel secure before signing on the dotted line. Not knowing anyone in the area, and not liking our real estate agent's suggestions for home inspectors, I looked for one myself and found Nickelsen Home Inspections. I left a message and Justin Nickelsen immediately phoned back. Impressive in the world of contractors, and as the process moved forward he never disappointed us. We always felt solidly represented. We bought from a less-that-scrupulous seller who showed up for the inspection and feebly attempted to steer things. Justin had none of it and made it clear to this man, that he was representing us and would not be distracted from the inspection he was hired to complete, or led in any way. This was huge and we knew we were in excellent, capable hands, and that we'd found someone who had unshakeable ethics.

Vancouver, WA

We were very happy with the inspections done by Nickelson Home Inspections. Being a first time home buyer can be very overwhelming, but they provided us with a very thorough, unbiased report. Their inspection was very detailed, including aspects such as dry rot/mold and even pests. Immediately following the inspection, we were provided with an entire report which was well organized and easy to read. It was complete with pictures identifying and highlighting specific areas needing to be addressed or taken note of. We would definitely use Nickelson Home Inspections in the future, and would recommend them to anyone in search of an informative inspector.

D. Crow
Oregon City, OR

Realtors commented on the thoroughness of a recent home inspection report Justin performed for us. After discussing the report, Justin encouraged us to write an addendum to ask for further concessions on issues he addressed in his report. His advice resulted in an additional $1,250 concession from the seller. Highly recommend Nickelsen Home Inspections.

David Smith, Realtor
Prudential NW Properties

A home inspection is so much more than it sounds. Nickelsen Home Inspections takes a holistic approach, including the relationships of all principals, agents, and lenders, and the respective needs of each. Nickelsen knows that they've been hired to produce a report of the condition of the property, but they remain cognizant of the need to educate their clients just as they facilitate a means by which to proceed within a transaction. A bad inspection can help the transaction progress, while failing to maintain the best insterests of the client. On the other hand, a good inspection may very well describe the condition of the property, and still throw a wrench in the transaction due to poor communications, timeliness, and respect for the practical requirements to move forward. ***Nickelsen Home Inspections deftly navigates, offering their clients the best representation of their interests, while paving the way to proceed.*** The Nickelsen home inspection summary is provided at the time of inspection, with the full report delivered usually within the calendar day. Because the Nickelsen team is well regarded due to their education and experience, their reports form the bedrock of the most important phase of the transaction, the inspection period. The reports of lesser inspectors are frequently scrutinized for specious content or missed items, but not Nickelsen's. If ever there is a question regarding a Nickelsen report, they're always available to communicate in plain terms, the most complex issues, to acknowledged satisfaction. I count on Nickelsen Home Inspections to protect the interests of my clients. They've done so for years, and I anticipate that the will for many more. David Smith, Prudential NW Properties, 360.362.9103,

"Pig in a Pen"

We used Nickelsen Home Inspections to review a dilapidated 1945 Cape Cod, which we knew would take considerable work to rehab into livable conditions. However, we were not prepared to find out the extent to which we would need to basically start from the ground up. Justin pointed out many things to us that we had not considered, such as the damage resulting from rodent infestations, asbestos roofing material (which turned out to be positive upon testing), an add-on family room that was not built to code, and unsafe chimney conditions. His thorough inspection and VERY complete report presentation basically kept us from keeping our original bid on the forclosed property and we ended up passing on it entirely. When I think about what we almost got into...well, I'm just glad Justin was recommended to us by our friend! The hunt for the perfect property in Portland continues, but we will not move forward without Justin Nickelsen's assistance!

Local Realtor
Vancouver, WA

EXCELLENT HOME INSPECTOR: I am a local Realtor and have known Kurt Nickelsen of Nickelsen Home Inspections for a long time... In fact, BEFORE I was a Realtor, I was buying a house and used Kurt Nickelsen. As it was then, and is now, Kurt Nickelsen's home inspection services were absolutly fantastic! Now, as a Realtor, I have the opportunity of meeting and seeing many home inspectors and home inspections taking place. KURT is the best!

Denice N. Realtor at Prudential NW
Portland, OR

As a Realtor, I have recommended Nickelsen Home Inspections to my clients for years. I know that my clients will receive a thorough inspection, and an easy to read report. The inspection is always explained to the home buyer in a way that is not scary, but relays the information necessary to make an educated decision. You can count of Nickelsen Home Inspections to provide you with an electronic and paper version of your inspection. They make it easy to work with scheduling a time that meet most everyone's needs.

David A.
Woodland, WA

We had some trouble on our lender's end of things, and they came out and helped us to know what we needed to have done so that they could sign off on our house to the satisfaction of the lender. Worked out well. Did a thorough and professional job. Turned us on to things that we want to fix and take care of on our new home.

Darren C.
Portland, OR

My wife and I used Justin when we were buying our first home. He was very thorough, up-front and professional through the entire process. He took many photos and described in detail everything about the house. He helped us understand all aspects of our decision BEFORE we put our money down. Absolutely invaluable!

Harmony C.
Vancouver, WA

Do not buy a home without having these guys inspect it first! You will be amazed at what they find - it doesn't mean you won't buy the home but it will help you make sure you buy it right!

Bryan K.
Brush Prairie, WA

I have had 3 homes inspected by Nickelsen. Each time they have been excellent to work with and have provided through and easy to understand reports that have saved me thousands of dollars by identifing issues that I have negotiated the seller to pay for. Their inspectors are very knowledgeable and I highly recommend them.

Kelly M.
Vancouver, WA

Justin has learned the trade well, Kurt has inspected half a dozen properties and always amazes me with his professional manor, and both him and Justin will give you the most complete inspection for the money you will ever get. I have saved thousands by knowing exactly where i am negotiating from. Thanks guys, you are among the best.

Robyn S.
Vancouver, WA

I am hoping the word gets out how expert Justin is in his home inspections! I am so glad I found him through a referral. They were more than impressed with his work--and now I can see why! Extremely thorough, helpful, with great prices. I feel confident that I can walk into my house knowing what is wrong now--and knowing what I need to plan for maintenance-wise in the future. I am spreading the word about Justin. I would hire him in a heart beat. Thanks again, Justin!

Joann M.
Vancouver, WA

We have looked at several homes in the last 8 years, and had several other inspecters. No one even came close to the kind of thorough professional inspection done by Justin. His fees are minor compared to the expense and grief his thoroughness saved us. We would never even consider any other inspecter! We highly recommend him to anyone and everyone including friends, relatives, and in one case even a stranger. Truly world class all the way. Every business should be this good.Thanks!

Nicholas Q.
Vancouver, WA

Very impressed by the thoroughness of the inspection. Very informative report and excellent explanation of issues. I look forward to using them on my next real estate venture!

Camile S.
Vancouver, WA

Justin inspected a home for us that we loved, and sadly during his inspection found way too many things wrong with the home. Most of the things he discovered were not required to be looked into for a home inspection. He went above and beyond those requirements and we were so thankful that he did, otherwise we would have ended up with a home that required way too many fixes. About a month later we had Justin inspect another home for us and he gave it an enthusiastic stamp of approval. He wrote a great inspection report for us and we were able to communicate clearly with the seller the items that needed to be fixed. Justin even went above and beyond AGAIN to communicate directly with the seller about things that needed fixing and suggestion for the best way to fix them. Thank you Justin and Nickelsen Home Inspections for helping us find our dream home in Vancouver!!

Nick W.
Vancouver, WA

I called Justin upon recommendation from my aunt. I left a message with him at 4:00pm, he called me back 15min. later and by 6:15 that night, he was at the home inspecting away! He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. His report was thorough and easy to read! Great job!

Chana Dobley
Realtor @ Century 21

Justin at Nickelsen Home Inspections is always very professional and makes sure the client is completely understanding the process. He answers quesitons and makes himself available when needed. He is an expert in his field and very knowledgable about his work. He is thorough and does not cut corners during inspections. I recommend him every time I can. All my clients are satisfied with his services. Chana Dolbey - Century 21 Expert Realty