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Home Inspection: Top to bottom, inside and out.

When you've seen it all... You know what to look for.

The home inspection is often the final step before the sale of a home is complete.

The purchase or sale of real estate is one of the most consequential decisions someone can make in their lives.

Most home sales are contingent upon a home inspection by a licensed proffessional home inspector before the buyer agrees to the terms of the deal.

A detailed understanding of any underlying issues with a home or building provides the buyer and seller with real value analysis of the condition of the property. This allows for both parties to come to a more comprehensive agreement on the overall value of property.

Aspects of A Home Inspection

  • Exterior inspection to insure that the roof, gutter systems, patios, decks, storm drains, and electrical are in working order.
  • Plumbing systems inspection from the city line to the property's sewer line and all plumbed areas of the property to discover vital information regarding water pressure/temperature, sewer blockages (i.e. tree roots, broken pipe, etc.), and overall system integrity.
  • Electrical systems will be analyzed and tested to ensure that the outlets work, bathrooms have GCFI's, and that the main electrical box is up to code
  • Each room in the house will be closely inspected for various red flags such as mold, water damage, structural cracks and integrity.
  • Levels of the toxic gas Radon may also be tested to ensure the safety and quality of the interior air.
  • A detailed report, with photos, videos, and information about the result of the inspection will be given to the customer to help them decide on what repairs they may opt to act upon.

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