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Real Estate Professionals

The Trust of Your Client, A Professional Referral
As real estate professionals, from lenders to realtors and appraisers to brokers, your clients rely on your expert help in making real estate decisions.  Often you are asked to recommend an inspection firm for the purchase of a home.

When the question inevitably comes, make that referral local, make it personal and make it a company that you can trust to offer your client peace of mind—refer them to one of the professionals at Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC.  When referred by you, we know that we serve as a reflection of your expertise—a fact that we take very seriously.  Be confident that we will work to make sure that “reflection” is a good one!

A Conduit for Educated Real Estate Purchases
Based out of the Vancouver/Camas area, and serving SW Washington “from the mountains to the coast”, Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC is there to serve as a conduit for educated real estate purchases. 

With computer generated reports, featuring Palm Tech technology and digital pictures upon request, your clients will be left with tools to make informed decisions and they will thank you for recommending them to the best: a Nickelsen Home Inspections professional.

We don’t speak Greek, and neither do most clients.  While professional, our reports are presented in an easy to read and understandable format—reports that we will personally go over with the client on site.

And with all of that, we are still able to finish our inspections in a timely fashion, typically taking two hours to complete the entire process.

Flexible, Available
Though we perform hundreds of inspections a year, our schedule is always flexible and we are available, more often than not, for those last minute requests and re-inspections in time for closing. We will answer our phone and we will call back!

We have personally witnessed inspections performed that could be aptly described as “alarmist” and “exaggerated”.  As home inspectors, our duty is to educate the client, not frighten them.

When your client needs a professional home inspection executed the right way, give us a call…

We will earn your trust the first time!