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Corona Virus/COVID-19 and NHI

Valued Clients and Real Estate Professionals,

In an effort to play our part in curbing the tide of COVID-19/Corona Virus, Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC is making the following adjustments, effective immediately. 
1. We would like to maintain the safe distances advised by the health professionals, which is generally defined as about six feet. Instead of greeting with a handshake, we will politely introduce ourselves, etc. 
2. Typically we review the home inspection findings on our computer at the end of the inspection. Such a review, however, would necessitate a breach in the safe distance outlined above. Instead, at the end of the inspection we will focus more on a verbal review that ensures that the client has a good working understanding of the layout of the report, as well as an introduction to some of the main issues on the home. The client is encouraged to then review the report in detail off site and to contact their inspector with any additional questions that they might have. 
3. Our inspectors have all been encouraged to be washing and disinfecting their hands regularly during the inspection and to take reasonable precautions for themselves, those present, and the property owners. We ask that clients and real estate professionals who may be present do the same, and to avoid touching high-risk areas of the home, such as knobs, handles, countertops, fixtures, and the like. 
4. During the inspection we will be running any bathroom, kitchen and laundry vents, and opening windows to help air out the property during our time there. 
5. Clients are always welcome at inspections, but this has never been necessary. Many clients are in other states and are yet to relocate, or are otherwise unable to attend inspections and handle any questions about the report once they have reviewed it. In our experience, there is no significant lapse in understanding if a client is not present. While welcomed, the client may wish to avoid attending in this time of heightened awareness. In such a case, we would do what we have always done: present our easy-to-understand inspection report to them by email and make ourselves available for any questions they may have. 
6. Clients and real estate professionals are strongly encouraged to avoid attending the inspection if they or anyone in their household shows any indications of sickness or if they or anyone in their household have been exposed to anyone they think may be sick. 
7. In general accord with current recommendations, at-risk peoples, those over 60 years-old, people with underlying health concerns such as asthma, and those with compromised immune systems are strongly advised to avoid attending the inspection. There is some debate currently about whether young children and women who are pregnant are at a higher risk. We advise that people error on the side of caution there.
8. Sellers/property owners are kindly asked to disinfect any high-profile areas before the home is entered, including knobs, handles, faucets, and the like, and to do so again when they return to the property
We are all experiencing these trying times together, and it is our belief that we will get through it all together as a community and as a nation. Thank you!

- Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC 
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