Local Affiliates
Many thanks to the following people/businesses that have helped Nickelsen Home Inspections, both personally and professionally, over the years… We hope that our readers will find their services as valuable as we have.
– Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC

Matt 28 Web Hosting – Arnold Sigik

Arnold Sigik of Matt 28 Web Hosting handles all of our web presence needs… from creating and maintaining the website, to hosting it, Arnold does excellent work and comes highly recommended. Without his aid, Nickelsen Home Inspections wouldn’t have the best home inspection website in the region…
He comes highly recommended

J.Christopher Galleries – John Christopher
Camas, Washington


Our “North Western” photography is compliments of John Christopher of JChristopher Galleries. Based out of Camas, Washington, John artistically captures the best of Northwest. We are proud to feature his work throughout our site.
Visit his website
and consider purchasing one of his prints for your home!

Nidus Homes – Kisa Davison
Camas/Vancouver, Washington


It is pleasure to have included many pictures of houses built by Nidus Homes on our website. Nidus Homes, based out of the Camas/Vancouver area, wastes no time in telling you what they would like to do: “…eliminate bland, insipid homes—one at a time”. It is refreshing to know that in a market where most homes are built “fast and furious”, there are still companies that build green and appreciate the artistic element of residential construction. For your next building project, contact Nidus Homes and help usher in the new Renaissance of residential construction.
Contact Kisa Davison of Windermere for more information:
Windermere – 850 Officers Row, Vancouver WA – 360.901.7051

Captured – Kari Sadewasser
Vancouver, Washington


Keri is a local photographer that specializes in weddings, events, and personal portraits and is responsible for all of the inspector’s pictures found on NickelsenHomeInspections.com. Over the years we have not only utilized her professional work for business purposes, but she has also done family portraits and some of the weddings in the family. It has been our joy to know Keri for almost 20 years (yikes!),
and we our proud to recommend her services at your next wedding or event!

Timbercraft – Timber Frame Homes
Port Townsend, Washington


Timbercraft is based out of Washington and specializes in custom built timber frame homes. Their mission and craftsmanship brings the best of modernity and tradition into each of the homes they build. We are pleased to feature a Timbercraft home at #6 on our clicker (above). If you are seeking “the rustic look” mingled with elegance, consider a home built by Timbercraft.
Visit their website
or call 360.385.3051

Shelly Bruhn—Silver Star Travel
Vancouver, Washington


Shelly, a travel agent for over 15 years, not only handles all of our travel needs, but is the wife of Derik Bruhn and has been a close friend for a long time. She has survived the dramatic changes in the travel agent profession over the last decade because she is truly wonderful at what she does—something that her loyal clients could certainly attest to. When you need to plan a trip, or buy a ticket, don’t go “e” (as in electronic/internet)… go “Shell-E” (as in Shelly).
Call 1.800.879.9776 and ask for Shelly Bruhn

Katie M. Berggren, Illustration and Design
Kalama, Washington


When I called Katie Berggren to help create our company logo I had a vision—a vision was taken to fruition with Katie’s professional and artistic help. In many ways, one’s company logo says more, with little to no words, than many company brochures and other literature combined. In this sense—in a real way—logo’s can act in the manner that art does in general: it speaks to people in a universal language, and tells them about the person (or, in our case, company) behind it. I thank Katie for helping Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC “express” itself. To take your company, school, association or occasion to the next level,
I recommend Katie Berggren Illustration & Design

Columbia Litho, Printing and Imaging
Camas, Washington


Columbia Litho handles all of our printing—brochures, business cards, etc.