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The Complete Home Inspection
The Standard Inspection for Home Buyers and Home Sellers

The “standard inspection”, a complete home inspection, includes, but is not limited to the following items:

o Pest and Dry Rot / Wood Destroying Organisms
o Lots and Grounds
o Exterior Surface and Components – Siding
o Roof
o Crawl Space
o Attic
o Structure and Foundation
o Electrical System
o Plumbing System
o Furnace / AC / Heat Pump / Water Heater
o The Inside of the Home

Feel free to click on each of those areas and learn more about your home from the perspective of a home inspector.

Home Inspection Reports Delivered On Site

While other home inspection companies still do things the “old fashioned way”, where you are sent your home inspection report the next day, Nickelsen Home Inspection provides computer generated home inspection reports that are printed and delivered on site and gone over with you while you are still at the home. This allows us to show you any items that you may have questions about. Our home inspection reports utilize Palm Tech technology, a state-of-the-art home inspection reporting system that is easy for the average home buyer or seller to understand.

Digital Pictures

We provide digital pictures with our home inspections upon request or at the discretion of the home inspector. Some home inspectors in the company generally provide digital pictures no matter what. Just ask.

Includes Pest and Dry Rot or WDO Report

This inspection also includes a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) or “Pest and Dry Rot” report, which points out the presence of dampwood termites, subterranean termites, carpenter ants, moisture ants and other wood destroying insects. It also notes of decay, and “conducive conditions” to wood destroying organisms, such as misaligned vapor barriers or inadequate ventilation in the crawl space, plumbing leaks, etc. The WDO report is governed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture and comments on these items are included in both the regular home inspection report and in a separate WDO report that is provided by the State of Washington.

Done in a Timely Fashion

Buying or selling a home is a big step in your life and a home inspection is an integral part of that process. As such, it isn’t something to be rushed. However, Nickelsen Home Inspections is proud to be both complete and timely.

There is an old saying in the home inspection community: the slower your home inspector is, the slower he is. Meaning, the less business he or she does, the more time it takes them to do the inspection because they are out of practice. You can find these people, who boast on their website of home inspections that take four hours or more. Please…

Most of the home inspections performed by our inspectors take around two hours, including the print out of the report, which we will go over with you face-to-face. We are able to accomplish this because our company performs over 1400 inspections a year. However, some homes naturally take longer to do.

Nonetheless, we aren’t in a hurry and you shouldn’t be either. We are happy to take extra time with you and make sure that all of your questions are answer before we shake hands and leave the inspection.

Our Services Are Not Over Yet – The Post Inspection

Unless the client isn’t at the home inspection, most of the clients we work for leave the home inspection with a report that has items that need to be addressed on the home. More often than not they are able to have the seller fix them. Regardless of who addresses these items, most of our clients have us come back out for a re-inspection after the items are addressed. If you are interested in learning more about re-inspections, please click here.

Also, feel free, at any time, to call us in regard to your home inspection report or general questions about home maintenance and anything else you can think of. We love to “talk house”. Give us a buzz!

Providing Information, Not “Problems”

We aren’t at the home to simply provide you with a list of problems on the home. Rather, we are there to give you information about your home—some information is positive, other information reveals areas of concern, and some things we address are maintenance items.

Schedule a Home Inspection – Meet the Inspectors

Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC is a company that “celebrates diversity”—we have a number of qualified home inspection partners and any of them would be happy to help you with your home inspection needs. Click on each of their names to be bought to their personal webpage.

¨ Kurt Nickelsen – 360.600.4354
¨ Rick Marsh
¨ Joel Gesler – 360.601.7254
¨ Justin Nickelsen – 360.907.9648
¨ Contact Us by Email

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Nickelsen Home Inspections is proud to be serving all of western Washington and northwestern Oregon as conduits for educated real estate transactions. We perform residential home inspections in more areas than any other home inspection firm in the Northwest, including all of the following counties and cities: Clark County, Cowlitz County, Pacific County, Skamania County, Klickitat County, Yakima County, Thurston County, Pierce County, Lewis County, Kittitas County, Chelan County, Multnomah County, and more! Our Home Inspectors also perform home inspection services in Vancouver, Washington, Kelso, Longview, Camas, Battle Ground, Washougal, Carson, Kalama, LaCenter, Ridgefield, Long Beach, Portland Oregon, Hood River, The Dalles. Gresham, Wenatchee, Brush Prairie, Centrailia, Olympia, Seattle, Woodland, Stevenson, and more! We also provide pest and dryrot or “termite” inspections, prelisting or seller’s inspections, radon inspections, construction draw inspections, lender required inspections, siding or roof inspections, commercial building inspections, and other inspection services. All our inspectors are licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, and all are candidates or members of ASHI - American Society of Home Inspectors and some are also certified by NACHI - National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.