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One of the most important moments in your life is the purchase of a home.  It is a decision that demands your emotions, demands your time and demands your financial involvement. 

Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC would like the opportunity to ease your concerns and make sure that your time is for leisure and your finances are secure.


What you can’t see, or don’t understand… can hurt you…

Buyers that forego the services of a professionally trained, certified and insured home inspector can be asking for problems down the road… even tomorrow. 

Instead of solving serious problems, like a possible termite infestation in the crawl space, prior to the purchase of a home, there are still some buyers that that forego the home inspection process only to be left with the possibility of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of repairs and wasted time that could be solved at the time of the transaction. 

“But, my house was built just last year,” someone says.  “Why a home inspection?” 

It may surprise you, but homes that were built “just last year” can have as many problems—sometimes more—than houses built two or three decades ago.  Whether it be pools of water flowing into the crawl space from plumbing that was accidentally not hooked up, electrical panels that pose a fire hazard, or conditions that are conducive to wood destroying organisms (like carpenter ants, or mold), we have seen it all.

The professionals at Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC are here to serve as a “conduit for educated real estate purchases”.  Whether your house a year old, or a hundred years old, call us and we will offer you buying power, save you time and money, and offer you the peace of mind that only a Nickelsen Home Inspection can offer.

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With over 80% of homes being sold with contractual contingencies requiring a home inspection, it is incumbent upon the seller to involve the professional help of a Nickelsen Home Inspections professional.

The popularity of pre-listing inspections has grown in the last many years, and for good reason.

Consider the article that appeared on January 13, 2006 in the USA Today, titled “Seller Paying for Home Inspection”.

“Now that the lift is starting to dissipate from the real estate bubble, home sellers are turning to new strategies to sell quickly and at the right price. Thus the boomlet in homeowners hiring inspectors before they put their homes on the market,” the article said.

Why the sudden surge? 

“The major motivation is to head off demands for costly price reductions from buyers. It’s cheaper to fix it than to negotiate the price down…”

Does it help the homes sell? 

Liz Moore, a broker in Newport News, Virginia says that “It’s fair to say that [pre-listing home inspections are] the reason our listings sell 30% faster than the market average,” and that inspected houses “consistently sell for a few thousand dollars more” {1}.

What you can’t see, or don’t understand… can hurt you…

When you decide to sell your home you need to know what things may be brought to the table when a home inspection is inevitably done for the buyer. 

Besides the obvious fact that most home owners don’t venture into crawl spaces or attics, and probably wouldn’t know what to look for if they did, serious problems may be present in your home that you are unaware of… Problems that may take your time and your money when a potential buyer comes along and their home inspector finds them.

Find and solve the problems before hand! 

Save your time, save your money and do what you can to make sure that the sale of your home goes through smoothly!

Have a Nickelsen Home Inspection done before you list your house!

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Selling one house and moving to another in the area?  Save more! Contact us today and find out how you can save even more when you have the home you are selling and the home you are buying inspected by a Nickelsen Home Inspections professional.  Call 1.360.600.4354
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{1} “Sellers Paying for Home Inspection”, USA Today (January 13, 2006).  Available on the internet, please click here (Feb. 1, 2006).  Also, while we tend to emphasize the benefits of including a real estate agent in the purchase and sale of a home, recommends a pre-listing inspection as the #1 tip to save the seller money!